Using Rundeck job Options to select Nodes

Rundeck offers a small checkbox at the bottom of a job run page, which allows you to change the nodes the job will run on. However, by using tags and job options, we can get a simple drop down list:

Firts let’s make a list of Nodes we can run our job on. Go to Edit Job > Workflow. Then press “Add an option”. Call the option “Node”. Next, go down to “Allowed Values”. Here you can add a list of nodes that you want the user to be able to use to run the job. Make sure this is a required value.

Next , go to the Nodes tab, and under Node Filter, type tags: ${option.Node} .

Now, when the user goes to the job run screen, they will be presented with a combobox/drop down list with the various nodes the job can be run on, such as “Dev, Staging, Testing” or similar. You can also use name instead of tag if you want to only run on one node and not a tag.

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